Download "Collegiate Retail: The Future of Enrollment, Revenue and Student Savings"

Higher education leaders face a paradox: They must find ways to increase revenue while cutting student costs. As enrollment forecasts decline, financial officers need to secure revenue sources that support institutional longevity. But they also need to slow rising college costs that can alienate prospective students. 

This white paper explores a solution: Collegiate retail. Proactive financial leaders have found that campus retail renewal can boost enrollment and charitable giving while also saving students money on course materials, thereby lowering the total cost of attendance.

Download the white paper now. 

The Future of Enrollment, Revenue and Student Savings

Drive revenue

An effective collegiate retail solution increases revenue from multiple sources: enrollment, retention, charitable giving and the store itself.

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Reduce costs

Smart college retailers know how to provide students with low-cost course material options without harming revenue

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Build community

Demonstrate your long-term commitment to your institution's mission with a brand-building retail hub that serves as a lively meeting spot for students, fans and alumni.

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